Quantum Leap Learning, founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a communication- coaching consultancy, specializing in leadership communication.

About Doug Mollenhauer

Doug Mollenhauer

Doug Mollenhauer, who has a Master's degree in communication from Boston University, is principal of Quantum Leap Learning. He taught for ten years in the Executive Education program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business and has earned a reputation as one of Canada's leading communication coaches. He now teaches public speaking to future leaders at the Sauder School of Business.

He has contributed articles for many publications, including The Globe and Mail, where he’s been a regular contributor to the Leadership Lab column. He’s led workshops in speaking and writing for many of BC’s best- known organizations. He’s a passionate catalyst for progress and a true believer in leadership that appeals to what is best and highest in people.


Doug works with all kinds of audiences at all levels of organizations. His ease with people and his ability to zero in on the heart of messages have earned him the confidence and trust of leaders and their constituents. Doug speaks and writes with purpose and teaches that what connects and resonates in communication is always that which is most human and authentic.

He lives with his wife and son in Vancouver, British Columbia.



The mission is simple and critical: Help people get where they want to go through better, clearer more inspired communication.


Helping People Achieve
Better communication gets individuals and organizations closer to what matters most to them. It also gives them a jump on their competition.
Being Human First
Good communication is more than technique or a bag of tricks. It appeals to what is finest in our character. It’s part of realizing our fullest potential as human beings.
Building Trust
It starts with being open, listening first to understand, doing what we say, telling the truth and meeting others’ needs as well as our own.
Getting Better
Ancora imparo (I am still learning). This was a favourite saying of Michelangelo and serves as a good reminder.


Learning is optimized when it reflects the reality of your workplace. By seeking to better understand your business, your culture and the unique challenges you face, we can align the goals of the training with the performance goals of participants and the values and core competencies of your organization. When participants see the value of better communication to higher levels of achievement, learning begins in earnest.
Post-Training Assessments
We measure success by helping people achieve goals or productivity gains. So we are committed to exploring with you how to improve approaches or outcomes for subsequent sessions.
If you prefer, we can customize a solution for you that better meets your needs or constraints. Depending on your situation, we can expand, revise or create programs—whatever it takes to get results.
Results Guaranteed
We guarantee that we will meet your expectations. If not, we will refund the workshop fee.

Please call 604.688.4501 or use the Contact page. We’ll send you workshop outlines with costs and details or just talk about your situation.